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Precision Metal Stamping


Raw materials for plastic products fabrication.

  Twenty years in plastic mold making and injection molding production business.
  Offer rapid prototying & parts coating & assembly services after molding.
  Experienced in plastic packaging industry: Plastic caps/closures, lid & cosmetics plastic aluminum packaging.
  Industrial molding: Overmolding, insert molding, rotational molding and silicone rubber molding.  Company Profile Of Glory Plastics

Wuxi Glory Plastics Co.,Ltd was established in 1995, with 12,000 square meters manufacturing facilities and more than 150 staffs. Take a fast train, it's only about one hour from Shanghai to our factory.

We are specialized in design and manufacture a variety kinds of molded plastic products and molds. In plastic packaging we make plastic caps/closures, buckets, bottles, jars; High precision samll components for electronics; big parts as TV set frames, washing machine inner barrels and other car bumper parts. What's more, we making the selling custom molds in injection and blow molding industries more than 200 sets a year.

We have advanced CNC Machine, EDM Machine, Wire-Cutting Machine(including low-speed), Milling Machine, Grinding Machine and some normal processing machinery. more

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  Hot Runner System Multi-Cavity Cap Mold

injection molding
45 x 45 mm Aluminum Extrusion Profile45 x 90 mm Aluminum Extrusion Profile
Glory plastics is one of the China leader in mold design,parts production and assembly of quality custom plastic products made by injection molding & blow molding.

EIFS Fasteners/Pre-assembled Washers

EIFS Fasteners/Pre-assembled Washers

Hot Plastic Products

Cap & Lid
 cap & lid



Small components
 Auto Parts

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